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What are Headaches?

What are Headaches

Feeling pain in your face, neck, or head? This is what you call headaches. Headaches are experienced in pain-sensitive structures around the head and neck. This includes the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tissues that include the eyes, ears and sinuses. Treating headaches is one of the medical specialties of the Los Angeles Pain Clinic. We are capable of determining what type of headaches patients have, providing the appropriate kind of treatment and medications. The intensity of this pain ranges from mild, tolerable pain, to severe pain. While some instances of headaches can be manageable for some, but intense and severe headaches can prevent one from doing things that they need to. Headaches may be occasional, recurrent, and chronic, frequency-wise. This could also be caused by a TMJ disorder.

The International Classification of Headache Disorder (ICHD) found that there are four primary types of headache, and they are:

These different types of headaches have different symptoms, causes and therefore require different types of treatment and medication. That is why it is critical for one to know just what exactly hit them so you would be able to avoid things that would trigger these or get the right kind of treatment to find a cure to this condition as soon as possible.